Are Removal Companies Still Operating in Melbourne?

Are Removal Companies Still Operating in Melbourne?

Are you looking for removal companies in Melbourne, but double minded whether they will operate or not? Are you perplexed to hire a removalist?

Removalists have been labeled as a primary service by every state government and have been permitted to operate. Provided they follow the guidelines for COVID-19 precautions.

Some of the best removalists in Melbourne are still operating with all the mandatory precautions and upliftment of personal hygiene for the team and clients’ safety. Still, we would highly recommend that if your moving is not urgent, we would certainly request you to postpone your move to restrict any budding spread of COVID.

Most states require a case-by-case exemption to be approved. At the moment, Australians are allowed to move house.

In Melbourne and New South Wales, you can leave home for relocation. Whereas as per the Tasmanian government common sense approach will be applied to you leaving your current home for moving your belongings to your new home.

But when you are hiring a removalist, it is essential to maintain social distancing and boost personal hygiene.

Some states have limited direct advice about restrictions on moving house at this stage.
In South Australia, there are no restrictions on travel within SA right now.

But, WA has restrictions on travel within the state, so those planning to relocate must be aware of it.

Most of the removalist companies are still operating, but the companies may have different guidelines due to this pandemic.

Removal Companies in Melbourne

As per a VIC government site, there are some guidelines set for Melbourne Removalists. Here are some basic rules for local or interstate movers.

  • No current interstate border entry self-isolation restrictions in place when travelling to Victoria.
  • Removalists can deliver goods as a primary service.
  • Local moves obey State social distancing or Public Health Order stage 3 or 4 lockdown rules during the move.
  • In stage 3 or 4 lockdown areas, there are clear obligations from the Victorian Government
  • As per the Victorian Government’s Stay at Home Directions Document, you are granted to move locally and interstate from restricted areas where your principal place of housing is changing due to lease ending, selling of a house, or any such reason.
  • It is suggested to carry your new home proof of residence documentation while relocating.
  • For moving interstate, you must have the required border passes/impunity requests that are a must in the applicable state by state information.


Yes, removal companies are still operating in Melbourne. But you have to ensure that you and the removalist company you hire must adhere to all the regulations set up by the government for safety.

Virgin removals ensure that the removalist companies listed with them are up-to-date with the Australian Department of Health advice on good hygiene and social distancing. Not only the removalist companies, but you should also be aware that the company actively follows advice from state and federal government departments for new requirements and best practices.

You should also be aware of yourself. For instance, ensure the removalist team should wear masks, the team should not include too many people, and so on. It would be best if you stand away from the team and guide them, maintaining social distancing. You can even give movers a map explaining to them where to keep what.

However, Overseas travel is banned right now. According to the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison can’t see international travel occurring anytime soon due to obvious risks.