Can You a Hire a Removalist During COVID-19

Can You a Hire a Removalist During COVID-19

Are you confused if you can hire a removalist during COVID-19 pandemic? Relocating a house is a tough job, and on top of it, the pandemic has made sure people’s anxiety levels bounce to another level.

Some of the best removalists in Melbourne have adapted contactless delivery services keeping in mind social distancing measures.

If you have just bought a new house, COVID-19 can’t pull down your dream. You can still move into your dream house.

Sant Kanwar, CEO and co-founder of Brisbane-based interstate transport company, said that they are highly taking care of personal hygiene with an option of “contactless” moves. As told by him, their company has come up with new guidelines.

To adhere to social distancing, clients can give the company a map describing placements of things or put marking on the floor using the tape. The company is no longer taking cash payments.

As per him, customers can stand far and guide the movers. Clients are requested to pack their things, so movers only touch the box. Not only this, you can even request the movers to deliver everything in the garage.

Hire a Removalist

Mr. Sant also said that everyone must ensure that the removalists companies they hire provide the online Department of Health coronavirus training to their team.

Book a Mover nationwide moving firm, said they were altering their methods to ensure the safety of their staff and clients.

Their new evolving measures include pumping up cleaning regimes across the business, requesting customers to use their belongings and requesting the clients to offer a separate bathroom for the staff to use during the moving process.

You have all the right to relocate your house by yourself, but don’t forget to ensure that the vehicles you hire for moving take all the precautions.

Budget Australia has announced that they are closely keeping track of information shared by the World Health Organization so that they can keep hiring out vehicles during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As per their online post, they are positively taking care of personal hygiene. The team ensures intense cleaning of vehicles after every rental, especially parts like steering wheels, door handles and other hard surfaces.

Removalist During COVID

Government has laid some travel restrictions, due to which some offices who hire vehicles have temporarily reduced their working hours.

In the United Kingdom, the lockdown measures are much more strict as compared to Australia.

As per a report on BBC, buyers and renters should “delay moving while emergency stay-at-home measures are in place”.

In case your property is empty, as per the British authority you can continue with your transaction but provided you follow all the guidelines concerning home removals.

But in case the house is not vacant, a government statement was passed saying “we encourage all parties to do all they can to cordially agree alternative dates to move”.


Yes you can hire a removalist during COVID-19 but you have to ensure they are following all the rules and regulation stated by the government in this pandemic.

Removalist companies should offer personal hygiene, adhere to social distancing and be highly professional.

But, it is recommended to only move if your new location is ready. In case you still have to search for one, then don’t opt for moving at this time. Wait for some time so the situation gets under control.

It is not only the removalist’s duty but you should also take all the precautions and safety measures.