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Search engines love fresh, valuable content. It is therefore beneficial to guest post frequently on influential websites. Writers and businesses from around the world are welcome to submit guest posts. If you would like to contribute your content and ideas, please contact us.

Send us an email describing your experience and the specific articles you are interested in submitting.

What We Are Looking For

Your rough draft, partial draft, or short pitch should be accompanied by an outline describing your argument and why it matters to readers. You will receive better feedback if your submission is complete. We accept only original content. If you’ve written something already (including on your blog), we won’t publish it.

  • The introduction, the body, and the conclusion of a blog post should always be separated into three sections.
  • Labeled conclusion
  • Subheadings throughout the content
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Using data and statistics
  • Use images and videos
  • Word Count- 850+
  • A compelling headline will entice readers.

Topics we cover

We cover the following niche

  • Removalists
  • Business
  • Truck Transportation
  • Real Estate
  • Home Decor and DIYs
  • Furnishing
  • Interior Design
  • Moving and Relocation
  • International Shipping
  • Commercial office & Warehouse
  • Shifting
  • Goods
  • Larger Vehicle
  • Packers and Movers

In case we have missed your niche, please mail us to confirm. We may be able to post your article.

How to search for good blog post in your niche types

Being a blogger, we understand your urge to write and get your content published on famous blog sites. For that you need to find the right blog posting site within your niche type to publish your content.

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Got any questions? Please share your thoughts and pitch with us. Email us your ideas at ravi@logicsofts.com with the subject line “Guest post submission Request “.