41 Best Removalists In Melbourne 2022 (Top Rated)

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You may wonder, what is the purpose and need of hiring a removal company. 

If you have ever moved from one place to another or shifted workspaces by yourself without the aid of any removal company, you will understand the importance of hiring a good company to assist you with the process.  If you’re looking to move in Melbourne, here is our list of the best removalists in Melbourne.

While there are so many things already going on in your head during the process of moving, adding the pressure of logistics and packing, loading and transporting is biting off more than you can chew. 

People started to feel the need for this service and that’s exactly how removal companies came into existence.

Selection Criteria for Best Removalists in Melbourne

So how have we selected the top removal companies in Melbourne? 

All of these companies have been thoroughly assessed based on certain different parameters that set them apart from the rest.

  • Years of experience
  • Number of vehicles
  • Number of employees
  • Client satisfaction
  • Insurance and certification

List of Top Removal Companies in Melbourne

1. Move My Stuff


Started in 2007, this removal company based in Melbourne has been one of the most popular ones in the city. One of the reasons for their popularity is because it is so reliable and trustworthy.

Offering end-to-end removal and moving services, they have something to offer to everyone. Move My Stuff ensures that everyone they hire to be a part of their team undergoes a rigorous hiring process and training as well.

They become skilled and well equipped to deal with all types of situations. With vans ranging from 2 tonnes to 10 tonnes, you can hire a vehicle that best suits your needs and fits all your stuff easily and securely.

With several depots all over Melbourne, you can choose whichever is closest to you and most convenient as well. At the end of the day, if the customer is happy, then they are happy and content.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 1300907911 

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, piano removals, packing services, interstate relocation services

2. Crazy Rise

crazy rise

It is a popular service search engine that studies your requirements and connects you to the best matching removalists. The site provides a simple three-step process that helps to find a removalist company that perfectly meets your needs.

You just have to log on to the site and submit your query, and the site provides a relevant listing. You can also request multiple quotes and compare the quotes to select a removalist that meets your budget.
All the companies listed on the site are trustworthy and reputed firms.

Crazy Rise has an excellent team that is responsive and provides 24×7 service to customers. Their service makes it very convenient for customers by removing the stress out of searching, which is a time-consuming process.

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, furniture removals, interstate moving, man with van

3. Brilliance Removalists Melbourne

Brilliance Removalist Melbourne

Brilliance Removalist has had some humble beginnings, but those roots have made them who they are today.
Offering local as well as interstate home removals, they help you move from one place to another in the best and most convenient way possible, without troubling you one bit.

Their focus has always been to make the moving process stress-free and hassle-free. With polite and friendly packers, movers and drivers, they ensure that each and every client feels heard and important.

Attention to detail is a key factor in giving their customers a seamless moving process.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0370180719

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, wrapping services, packaging services, interstate home moving, full insurance, furniture removals, local moving

4. Yes Movers


Yes Movers is known for its quality moving services and has been serving people of Melbourne for more than 10 years now. When it comes to premium commercial and residential relocation, Yes Movers is one of the top choices.

Here are a few reasons why people love to prefer Yes Movers:

  • Professional service with the best price guaranteed.
  • Fully trained removalists.
  • No depot – No fuel cost
  • 4.9 star rating on google
  • Best customer service
  • Fully insured

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0434379742 ,
Email address: info@yesmovers.com.au

5. Red Carpet Removals

Red Carpet Removals

With a 24/7 hour customer care service, Red Carpet removals make sure they answer all your queries before you decide to hire them for your moving job.

What we love about this removal company is that there are no booking fees applied to new customers. Even if the site of moving and packing has stairs, no extra charges are asked for that.

There are also no extra charges if you decide to book their services over the weekend. Red Carpet Removals is one of the most popular choices of removal companies in Melbourne, especially when it comes to affordable service charges.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0403414082,
Email address: info@redcarpetremovals.com.au

Services offered by the company – Residential relocations, Corporate relocations, Warehouse relocations, Pack/Unpack Specialist, Piano Moves, Showroom reshuffles, Dismantling and assembling of new and used furniture, Disconnection and reconnection of white goods and all other electronic devices, Single item to multi truck moves, One man and a truck available to multi trucks & movers, Organise Storage & Vacate Cleans 

6. Vicmovers


This removal company has over 500 happy customer testimonials you can find all over the internet, even on their website.

This company has 23 moving vehicles, which goes to show that no job is too big for them. With its presence all over Victoria, this removal company has won the hearts of the people of Melbourne with their prompt and cheap services.

While they also help you pack up the entire house and move it to the new location, they also provide packaging material that is of great quality and highly durable. From start to finish, you can rely on Vicmovers for all your removals needs.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0430964444,
email address: bookings@vicmovers.com.au

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, piano removals, packing services, interstate relocation services

7. Man With A Van

Man With A Van

Man With A Van started its journey in 2001 with a simple idea of making the process of relocation and moving easy and hassle-free for the people of Melbourne.

Tim, the man behind this initiative started working on this out of his old beat-up van. Slowly but surely, the business grew and more people and vehicles started to join the team and it became quite the go-to solution for the people of Melbourne.

Winning the “best business of 2019” award really put this company on the map. They operate on all days of the week and are always available on phone or email and will patiently answer all our questions.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0394173443 

Services offered by the company – home removals, student removals, office removals, commercial removals, man and van services, insurance

8. Top Removals Melbourne

Top Removals Melbourne

This removal company is also present in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide in addition to Melbourne. No matter what your moving/relocation needs may be, Top Removals handle it all.

Just one visit to the site, they can give you a rough estimate of how much it would cost to hire them for their needs. With 10 years of experience in this field, Top Removals have perfected the art of providing a seamless moving and relocation experience for their clients.

They started off with 1 truck, but now this number has tripled over time. Feel free to get in touch with them for more details.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0390699630,
email address: sales@topremovals.com.au

Services offered by the company – local moves, interstate moves, commercial moves, packing, moving, storage solutions, cleaning services

9. Move On Removals

Move On Removals

With a team of dedicated employees who share the same vision of providing the best services to their customers, Move On Removals have been working in this field for many years now, and with each passing year, they have become only better and stronger.

Available throughout the day and all through the week, they started off as a furniture removal company, but slowly evolved into an integrated removals solution company. You can get in touch with them to receive a free quotation and understand how much the entire moving process might cost.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0396363299,
email address: moveme@moveonremovals.com.au

Services offered by the company – on-site assessment, packing, unpacking, packing materials, house removals, office removals, furniture removals, commercial removals, storage supplies

10. Melbourne Finest Removalists

Melbourne Finest Removalists

This is a family-run and family-owned removal company that cared deeply about the quality of services they provide and the peace of mind of their customers.

No matter what the nature of the move is, they deal in single-item removals to the full home packing and removals.

If you want to hire a removal company that has no hidden costs, has a team of polite and helpful employees and is extremely transparent, then this is the perfect company for you. 

Company’s contact details – phone number: 0433887179

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, piano removals, packing materials, storage solutions, furniture removals

11. Careful Hands Melbourne Removals

Careful Hands Melbourne Removals

Careful Hands make sure that all your belongings are in great capable hands. From single-item removals to entire household removals, they handle it all.

All their packers, movers and drivers have enough experience and have been trained to give the best assistance possible for the clients.

No matter how big or small the project may be, they treat each project with the same importance and attention to detail.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 1300724553,
email address: info@carefulhandsmovers.com

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, piano removals, packing services, interstate relocation services

12. Jake Removals And Storage

Jake Removals And Storage

With over 20 years of experience in this field, Jake Removals and Storage dedicates itself to providing the best costs and services for their customers.

They also focus on dismantling and moving intricate and delicate furniture. While this is one of their most popular services, they also deal with all other aspects of moving as well. With a 4.3 rating on Google, this is Melbourne’s top removal company for a reason.

Company’s contact details – phone number: 1300766658,
email address: info@jakemove.com.au

Services offered by the company – home removals, office removals, wrapping services, packaging services, interstate home moving, full insurance, furniture removals, local moving

13. Top Gun Movers

Top Gun Movers

They are reputed as the best removalist in Melbourne and have been providing hassle-free moving services for more than a decade.

Their team consists of very professional, multi-skilled experts who can take care of all your moving requirements. Their rates are the most affordable, and they provide maximum value for money.

They have the latest, well-maintained vehicles that are fully insured, driven by licensed drivers. They are there for clients during all stages of moving right from packing to loading and unloading 

Company contact information: 0488 853 469, info@topgunmovers.com.au

Services provided: Furniture, office, apartment, or house removals

14. Little Red trucks

Little Red Trucks

Little Red Trucks are a professional and fully insured removalist who can provide the quickest and most convenient move in Melbourne. 

They are the best removalist in Melbourne and can handle anything you need, whether you need to move a few items or your entire house belongings. They have all sizes of vehicles for your move from big to very large.

Their prices are very competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs involved. They have permanent moving staff provided with the best in-house training frequently. 

They will provide you with quick quotes for your move in less than a minute using their unique Quick Quote tool. 

Company contact information: 9380 6444, hq@littleredtrucks.com.au

Services provided: small moves, whole house move, business move, and others

15. Kahlon Mover

Kahlon Movers

They are reputed as the cheapest and best removalist in Melbourne who can provide secure and timely services for all your moving requirements. 

They are your moving partner and provide a comprehensive range of services at very competitive rates. Their staff is known for its dedicated customer service and pay attention to even the minor details. 

They work seven days a week for the customers’ convenience and utilize only state of the art moving solutions for clients. As the best removalist, they undertake full responsibility for the client’s belongings and, in case of damage, replace the goods or reimburse them completely. 

Company contact information: 0469 913 334, office@kahlonmovers.com.au

Services provided: local removals, domestic removals, furniture, and commercial removals

16. Instamove


They are an award-winning removalist in Melbourne known for their reliable, on-time delivery with more than 25 years of experience in moving services.

Their services are very reliable and professional, and they are supported by their expert removals team that is dedicated to giving the best customer service. Their entire staff, including their drivers, is friendly and experienced to cater to all their clients’ requirements. 

They use only the best equipment and vehicles and have trucks of all sizes suitable for any move. Their prices are affordable and the best in Melbourne.

Company contact information: 1300 988 114, admin@instamove.com.au

Services provided: house move, furniture move, etc.

17. Kevin Removals

Kevin Removals

If you are looking for an efficient and well-organized moving service, your search ends at Kevin Removalists. They are the best removalist in Melbourne and make your move stress-free and safe.

They are licensed removalists with some of the best, well-trained and experienced staff. They thoroughly check their staff’s background before hiring. They even provide a handy moving checklist to help you remember to pack all items on the moving day. 

They provide only the best, sturdy, clean, and bug-free boxes for your move. They offer free in-house survey, and their rates are the lowest in Melbourne. 

Company contact information: 1300 67 99 66, info@kevinremovals.com.au

Services provided: furniture moving, man and van service, office removals, interstate removals, and office relocation

18. House Removalists Melbourne

House Removalists Melbourne

Formed in 2012, they are one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne and have so far carried more than 6500 successful moves in Australia. They are fully insured and provide Comprehensive Public Liability and Transit Insurance to clients.

They do not hire subcontractors and have their own moving trucks. They offer the best rates in Melbourne with no hidden costs involved.

Their qualified staff is familiar with all local areas and has lots of experience in conducting local moves.

Company contact details: 03 9498 1077 

Services provided: Home removals, office removals, Furniture moves, packing and unpacking, storage

Google rating: 5

19. Simon’s Moving Service

Simon’s Moving Service

Established in 2004, they are one of the best removalists in Melbourne and provide the most affordable moving services in Australia.

Their skilled and experienced staff is very cooperative and friendly. They can handle moves of all types, small, medium, or big, and possess all the necessary equipment and vehicles.

Their trucks are fully equipped always, and their staff has all the necessary tools for reassembling and dismantling furniture. They also supply moving boxes and materials to clients

Company contact details: 0488 668 464, simonsmoving@gmail.com

Services provided: Office removals, home removals, furniture delivery, packing services, rubbish removal

Google rating: 4.9

20. Quick Pick Movers

Quick Pick Movers

They are a reliable and efficient removalist firm in Melbourne serving Australian people over 13 years. They provide instant quotes for your move after listening to your specific requirements.

Since they are fully insured, customers do not have to worry about losses incurred during moving. Their well-trained staff responds quickly to customers’ calls and always arrive on time.

Their services are customized and provide the right team for every load. They have earned the reputation for consistently transporting goods in their original condition to the desired locations. 

Company contact details: 1300 440 716, manager@quickpickmovers.com.au

Services provided: Home moves, small moves, office relocations, piano and pool table moves, storage

Google rating: 4.8

21. Man with a Truck

Man with a Truck

They are among the top removalist companies in Melbourne with very affordable moving rates. They provide the right truck and van size for all kinds of moving and all sizes of loads. 

Their staff has the experience to handle moves of all sizes from studio apartments to 3 or 4 bedroom moves. 

They do not charge their customers for fuel or for stairs.

They make loading and unloading easy by dismantling beds or other furniture and reassembling them again.

Company contact details: 03 8060 0570 

Services provided: Home removal, office removals, furniture moves, packing and unpacking, storage

Google rating: 4.7

22. Singh Movers

Singh Movers

With more than a decade of experience, they are regarded as one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne. The firm is registered and fully insured, and the staff is known for its attention to the minutest details.

They are reputed for arriving on time and transport goods without delay to the destination. Their rates are competitive and transparent, with no hidden costs.

Their well-trained staff handles all items carefully and sees that they are free from damage. They are well-behaved and known for their pleasing customer service. 

Company contact details: 1300074644, info@singhmovers.com.au

Services provided: Furniture removals, house removals, interstate, piano move, pool table move, hard rubbish removals, antique furniture removals, furniture assembly, student removals

Google rating: 4.6

23. Pronto Removals

Pronto Removals

They are among the best removalists in Melbourne and are known to provide the best value for the customers’ time and money.

Their rates are the best for office and home removals in Melbourne with no hidden fees.

They also provide pre-packing services and packing materials at discounted rates. Their staff is known for its friendly customer service and is ever willing to cooperate with the clients’ needs.

Company contact details: 03 9043 7161, info@prontoremovals.com.au

Services provided: Home removals, office moves, storage, packing

Google rating: 4.6

24. Melbourne CBD Removals

Melbourne CBD Removals

The firm is a trustworthy and professional removalist in Melbourne, with over ten years of experience. They are the best for residential and business property removals and can handle all moves, whether small or big units, heavy furniture, piano, or local deliveries.

They customize services as per the client and have moving vehicles to carry all cargo sizes from large to very large.

They are an insured firm, and their staff takes care to handle all fragile and previous furniture carefully to prevent damage.

Company contact details: 03 8763 0584, info@melbourneremovalscbd.com.au

Services provided: House moves, office removals, furniture removals, piano or pool table moves, 

Google rating: 4.5

25. Movers4Melbourne


The company is a reputed removalist in Melbourne with one of the cheapest moving services. They are known for their unique, efficient service and are one of the few firms that provide free moving guides and checklists.

They have a well-experienced moving team that uses the latest technology to track their vehicles to ensure goods are transported safely.

They have an affordable man and van services for local and small moves, which are cost-effective.

Company contact details: 61 452 490 078, movers4melbourne@gmail.com

Services provided: local moves, commercial relocation, furniture moves, van with a man, packing, storage 

Google rating: 4.5

26. Two Men And A Truck

Two Men and a truck

They are one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne and provide very efficient and in-time moving services to the Australian people.

They have a large fleet of 60 trucks and 150 movers to handle any kind of move efficiently. They work tirelessly and complete more than 10000 moves in a year.

Their prices are fair and cheap, and they do not charge depot to depot fees like some removalists. They have a flat hourly rate system that is convenient for clients.

Company contact details: 1300 880 412, truck@twomen.com.au

Services provided: Home moves, interstate moves, office moves, packing, storage

Google rating: 4.5

27. Eastern Suburbs Removals

Eastern Suburbs Removals

Formed in 1995, they are one of the leading, trustworthy moving companies in Melbourne. They have the skills, experience, and manpower to effect safe and stress-free removals.

They provide the best services at low rates, giving you the best value for your money. They provide cheap hourly rates, and for long distances, they also give the option of fixed rates. 

They have a convenient 6-day service with suitable work timings. Their services are tailor-made for customers’ requirements. They even provide customers the option to move their items partly themselves while their team moves the remaining items.

Company contact details: 1300 886 625 

Services provided: home removals, furniture removals, interstate moves, office moves, piano moves, de-cluttering, packing, 

Google rating: 4.4

28. Kennedy Removals

Kennedy Removals

The firm, established in 1920, is among the oldest and top moving firms in Melbourne reputed for providing dependable and affordable services for more than 90 years. They have been serving Australian people for four generations and have the best moving rates that have been stable for more than six years. 

They even provide free boxes to the customers’ doorstep. They also do not ask for a down payment to make bookings, and customers can pay on the day.

They have an excellent furniture storage facility in Mitcham.

 Company contact details: 03 9842 3148, info@kennedyremovals.com.au

Services provided: local furniture removals, house furniture, packing service, storage service

Google rating: 4.4

29. My Moovers

My Moovers

They are regarded as one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne reputed for their affordable rates. They have more than 70 skilled and experienced removalists and have well-maintained, dedicated trucks.

Their staff is very dedicated and handles all items with deep care to prevent damage. They even undertake small moves like transporting a single piece of furniture.

They also handle packing and unpacking to provide customers a stress-free move. They have a secure storage facility to keep furniture and other items. 

Company contact details: 1300 979 997, admin@mymoovers.com.au

Services provided: Office move, house removalist, packing and unpacking, small moves, furniture moves

Google rating: 4.3

30. Melbourne City Movers

Melbourne City Movers

The company is regarded as one of the best removalists in Melbourne and is reputed for its professional and cost-effective moving services.

They are fully insured and have very transparent rates, with no hidden costs or depot fees. They also provide useful moving tips that help customers save money.

They also provide instant cost estimates for all move types.

They possess state of the art moving equipment to carry any kind of move efficiently.

Company contact details: 0402 532 334, gill@melbournecitymovers.com.au

Services provided: Furniture removals, house moves, piano removals, interstate removals, moving and packing

Google rating: 4.3

31. Fragile Removals

Fragile Removals & Storage

They are an award-winning removalist with more than fifteen years of experience in all kinds of moving services.

They have a large fleet of the latest vehicles that can handle moves of all sizes. They are well-maintained and contain all the required equipment needed for safe removals.

Their staff is given occupational health and safety training, which makes them experts in customer service, customer contact, and other skills needed to meet the company’s high standards of professionalism.

Company contact details: 1800 500 584, info@fragileremovals.com.au

Services provided: Home removals, office moves, commercial moves, interstate removals, storage, pre-packing, and unpacking 

Google rating: 4.2

32. Melbourne Cheap Removals

Melbourne Cheap Removals

They are among the top removalists in Melbourne, providing a wide range of moving services at affordable rates. 

They offer their services even on public holidays and on weekends at no extra cost.

Their fleet has vehicles of all sizes from small, medium, and big trucks, vans, to carry all sizes of moves. Their staff is experienced in moving all kinds of heavy and difficult to move furniture. 

The firm provides tailor-made plans for each customer to ensure a safe and seamless move.

Company contact details: 03 9972 9752, info@melbournecheapremovals.com.au

Services provided: house removals, office removals, furniture removals, piano removals, 2 Man and a Truck, pool table moves

Google rating: 4.1

33. DEZ Removals


They are one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne and have been specializing in furniture and relocation services for the last 15 years.

They charge interstate moves by cubic meter, making their rates cheaper than most other removalists in Australia.

Their team has some of the most competent and experienced movers who are trustworthy and friendly. They provide the entire range of moving services, including packing, unpacking, storage, transporting, and insurance.

Moving is done as per the customers’ requirements at the time convenient for them to reduce their stress.

Company contact details: 0427 226 558, dezremovals@hotmail.com

Services provided: Office removals, home removals, furniture removals, interstate moves, storage

Google rating: 4.4

34. Dawson Moving


This firm is one of the best removalists in Melbourne with more than 60 years of experience in house, furniture, and interstate moving, and has helped several customers move across Australia. 

Their team takes care of pre-packing and unpacking also to relieve the customers from moving stress. They are committed to giving the best possible service and provide free quotations based on the customer’s specific requirements.

Their friendly staff is ever eager to help customers and give advice regarding the packing of hazardous goods or any other issue the customer may have.

Company contact details: (03) 9763 0222 (Melbourne), (02) 6260 1214, admin@dawsonmoving.com.au

35. Melbourne Cheap Movers


They are one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne, founded in 2007, and provide stress-free removal services at cheap rates to Australian people.

One of the unique points about their service is that they provide a complete assessment of the customer’s requirements before the moving day and also offer special protective packaging for belongings.

They have a project manager to handle every stage of the customer’s moving process. They have a reliable customer service system, which provides solutions to all the clients’ queries.

Company contact details: 1300 841 842, 03 8682 8926, info@melbournecheapmovers.com.au

Services provided: Home moves, office moves, furniture moves

Google rating: 3.6

36. Move 4 Cheap


They are reputed to be one of the best removalists in Melbourne, offering budget-friendly moving services for homes and offices.

Their services are stress-free for the customer since they provide public liability insurance cover, ensuring that their belongings are safe and secure.

They analyze the customer’s needs in advance and provide the right manpower needed to avoid moving day issues. They are also ready to handle any special packing needs required by the customer.

They do not charge depot fees, booking fees, or fuel costs, making interstate moves very affordable.

Company contact details: 03 8682 8929, 0449 559 227, info@move4cheap.com.au

Services provided: home moves, office moves, local moves, interstate moves, goods delivery

Google rating: 3.6

37. Mini Movers


They are considered one of the best removalists in Melbourne, reputed for their professional moving service, which includes a comprehensive removal package offering pre-packing and unpacking services.

Their rates are very affordable, with pre-packers and unpackers available at hourly rates also. They also have a unique Buy-Back system that makes it very convenient for the customers.

They also take care of all the storage requirements of the clients. They offer valuable service to the customers and even provide moving, packing, storage, or settlement tips.

They provide moving services 24 hours and seven days a week, and even on holidays 

Company contact details: 1300 642 900, marketing@minimovers.com.au

Services provided: home moves, office moves, pre-packing, unpacking, interstate moves, move-out cleaning, piano and pool-table moves

Google rating: 3.9

38. Horsley Transport

They are among the best removalists in Melbourne, having more than 35 years of industry experience. The firm provides professional and reliable local, country, and interstate moving services to the people of Australia.

They provide the right-sized truck needed by the client at no additional cost, whatever be the truck size.

They have in their team specially-trained personnel who are friendly and respectful towards all clients. They are reputed to reach the location at the right time with the right equipment to avoid inconvenience to the customer.

They also provide cost-effective short and long-term storage solutions to customers for all moves, whether they are moving overseas or are staying temporarily somewhere during relocation.

Company contact details: 0434 381 410, carter@horsleytransport.com.au

Services provided: Local and country moves, office relocation, interstate removals, short and long-term storage, pre-packing service

Google rating: 5

39. Harry The Mover

They are regarded as the best removalists in Melbourne, providing trustworthy moving services for all kinds of moves, whether small or large, and for offices, restaurants, and other establishments.

Their team sincerely cares about the customer’s fragile items like TV, refrigerator, or other appliances. They use the latest techniques and equipment, along with high-quality packing materials to ensure they are fully secure.

They even pack, load and unload the items to make the move hassle-free and smooth. They are reputed for transporting the goods to the destination at the right time. They are fully insured, thus protecting the client against all types of risks.

Company contact details: 1800 318 026, info@harrythemover.com.au

Services provided: House removals, office removals, interstate removals, furniture removals, piano moves, pool table removals, packing and unpacking, two men with a van, single item delivery

Google rating: 4.9

40. OZ Removalists

They are one of the top removalist companies in Melbourne providing efficient, hassle-free moving services to customers within Melbourne or outside the city. They provide moving services for all move types, whether small or large-house moves or Man and Van service.

They provide secure packing and unpacking services to clients to make the process smooth on the moving day. Their rates are very economical, and they provide both flexible hourly rates and also fixed rates.

The firm is NGRS approved and is fully insured, which guarantees that the items are secure, and the customer is protected from financial loss.

Company contact details: 1800 842 066

Services provided: Home removals, office moves, furniture removals, interstate removals, piano removals, pool table removals

Google rating: 4

41. AA Furniture Removals

They are one of the best removalists in Melbourne, who are AFRA accredited, and are reputed for their affordable pricing on all types of removals.

They make the moving process convenient by helping the client assemble the furniture and equipment. They provide products that customers can buy, such as boxes, strong tape, and bubble wrap to make the relocation process smooth.

They ensure the safety of the clients’ belongings by providing public liability insurance and transit insurance.

Company contact details: (03) 9988 2944, sale@aafurnitureremovals.com.au

Services provided: home removals, office removals, interstate removals, storage solutions, products

Google rating: 4.2


All the information presented in this article has been collated from online sources and client testimonials. We are not to be held responsible in case of any misinformation. Please reach out to the removal company directly if you have any queries.


  • How do I choose a good moving company?

It is a good idea to choose a removal company for your removal needs on the basis of the 5 criteria – Years of experience, Number of vehicles, Number of employees, Client satisfaction, Insurance and certification

  • How much does a Removalist cost in Melbourne?

On average, the cost of hiring a removal company for an hour is about 140AUD.

  • What questions should you ask a mover?

You must ask whatever comes to mind. Clearing all your doubts in the initial stages of the moving process is very important so as to avoid conflicts in the future.

  • What insurance do I need for removals?

You must look for public liability insurance and transit insurance.

  • Will your belongings be safe during transit?

Yes, if you hire a trustworthy removal company (like the ones in this list) your belongings will surely be safe. Good removal companies will have all the insurances and such that ensure the safety of your belongings.