How Removalists in Melbourne Operate Under Stage 4 Restrictions

How Removalists in Melbourne Operate Under Stage 4 Restrictions

Are you wondering whether removalists in Melbourne will operate during stage 4 of COVID-19 pandemic?

Do you think removalists in Melbourne can still work?

You don’t need to worry. Indeed, Melbourne’s removalists can operate under stage 4 provided they are permitted to operate within the Road transport Category.

VIC Government and NSW Government have notified you that you can leave your home only if the purpose behind is relocation.

As per Stay At Home Directions in Victoria, you can only vacate your place for a local or interstate move if it is necessary. For instance, the rental agreement has ended, or you have sold your premises.

If you are relocating to metropolitan Melbourne, you have to ensure that you don’t do it amidst the curfew timing. You are not allowed to move between 8 pm to 5 am, so plan your move accordingly.

You can increase the labor to finish the relocation work at a faster pace. As per the department of health and human service, everyone should be extra cautious to stay safe.

If your move looks like it will run over the curfew, we will suggest extra men complete your move within the curfew. DHHS has also recommended everyone take extra steps to stay safe, including wearing a face covering.

Don’t forget to carry proof of your new residence while relocating.

With extra precautions, removalists companies are working with full capacity to take extra precautions to ensure their clients and team’s safety.

If you are planning to move interstate, you must know every interstate border has different self-isolation restrictions. Talking about Victoria, self-isolation is not required for interstate removals. But the NSW border has some restrictions. As per them, relocation is not a lawful reason to enter NSW. It’s necessary to have the NSW border entry permit before your travel to NSW. If you are traveling, a 14-day hotel quarantine at your own expense is required.

Recommended Measures for Removalist in Melbourne during Stage 4

  • The admin staff is recommended to work remotely.
  • Monitor the body temperature of every mover before they begin to work.
  • Wash hands and regularly sanitize before, during, and after every move.
  • Keep your staff up to date with the Australian Department of Health’s advice on hygiene and social distancing.
  • If requested by the customer, team members will wipe down furniture and spaces after setting down furniture at delivery. Customers to please provide disinfectant and wipes if they require team members to wipe down and disinfect furniture at delivery.
  • Command your team not to join the duty if they feel sick or have the slightest of symptoms.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wear face masks, face shields, and gloves. They can remove the mask when they are lifting heavy belongings so they can comfortably breathe during exertion.
  • Robust cleaning of moving vehicles after every delivery.

Recommended Measures for Clients who hire a removalist in Melbourne during Stage 4

  • Please stay away from the mover’s team and guide them through the phone or video call. You can even provide them with a map to explain better,
  • Keep a toilet empty only for the use of a removalist team.
  • Wear a face mask.
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Prefer contactless payment. Cashless is the new normal.
  • Once movers bring your stuff to a new location, instruct them to leave it at the garage. This will ensure that your belongings become virus-free.


Removalists in Melbourne are operating during stage 4 but with a high degree of precautions and safety measures.

Stay updated with the guidelines of the Australian Department of Health and Human Service.

This pandemic is going to last for long. So everyone has to be highly careful regarding safety measures.

Virgin Removals urges all of you to follow every guideline by the government.

We would recommend if there is no urgency, kindly postpone your move.