4 Van Shelving Ideas to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Storage

4 Van Shelving Ideas to Maximize Your Vehicle’s Storage

Do you find yourself constantly moving due to bad road and feel your van could do with some organization? The cube shelving system in your van could be the solution to organize your tools so that you can do the job efficiently. 

This article will discuss six cube shelving hacks that you can use in your van today to make your life easier. 

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Bin Shelving

Do you work on roads with potholes or dirt roads? To prevent your tools from moving around, you should have bin shelving installed in your vehicle. This shelving type is ideal for larger items such as cables and power tools. 

Steel-framed shelves are the best choice for shelving units. They provide strength and quality. 

Drawer Systems

You might want to install a system with drawers along the walls of your van for smaller parts and tools. These drawers can slide in less than an hour, providing safe and organized space for all your equipment.  

Shelving that Folds Away

You have two options: shelves that fold down or shelves that can be used to increase the space in your van. They offer the best of both worlds. 

These shelves are lightweight and strong yet adjustable. Even better, they are non-roaming so that you can have a peaceful commute. 

Custom Shelves

Custom shelving may be the best option for you if you are looking to improve the organization of your van. 

Autosafe can create shelves specifically tailored to meet your needs, no matter what equipment or vehicle you have. 

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