Lighting living room Ideas( 100% proven, and tested with videos, and shopping links)

Lighting living room Ideas( 100% proven, and tested with videos, and shopping links)

The living room hosts a unique range of activities, as opposed to most of our rooms, which are designed with specific tasks in mind.

The right lighting for a living room depends on how you plan the lighting and the atmosphere it creates.

 We are giving you ideas for which your interior designer will charge a hefty amount.

Incorporating the right type of lights into the room, and controlling them is also crucial, and our guide has the details.

How to plan living room lighting?

Living room wall lighting ideas, ceiling lighting, lamps on the wall, along with other types of lighting included in a living room arrangement are all essential factors to consider when lighting a living room.

It’s important to consider all these types of lighting when lighting a living room. Have a small room?

 To ensure that the compact space is well illuminated, small living room lighting ideas should contain different layers.

2 main things which should form a pillar of your light layering are the feel and use.

You can create an atmosphere you desire by combining functional task lighting with decorative lighting.

Let’s Begin with some interesting living room lighting ideas that will satisfy every need, are versatile and stylish.

Living Room Lighting Ideas 

Types of Lights to Use

Ambient Lighting or General lighting

Ambient Lighting or General lighting

Think of ambient lighting as a foundation or a canvas upon which to paint a distinctive lighting picture,’ says Carla Jordan, from Kichler

Background lighting illuminates your room overall. A perfect balance of interior lighting depends on ambient light.

The most common types of lighting are sheer pendants, chandeliers, and track lighting. 

Using wall sconces and other vertical lights can make rooms appear larger and create a sense of space.

wall sconces

A table lamp or a floor lamp can also contribute to the overall light in a room by emitting ambient light that comes from smaller sources like a space heater. The light that comes from ambient sources is indirect rather than focused.

These lights are normally placed on high ceilings and walls. All surfaces, including walls, should be illuminated. 

Both recessed lights and track lights may be installed on the ceiling, or flush mounted fixtures may be hung close to the ceiling, in situations where both types of lighting are suitable.

The walls themselves can be illuminated by perimeter wall sconces that cast light vertically. It is important to distribute lighting evenly and provide comfortable lighting levels.

You can check out these beautiful chandeliers, and buy them too.

beautiful chandelier
Glossy chrome crystal pendant light Casparia

Aivian™ 23" 3 light chandelier
Aivian™ 23″ 3 light chandelier

Melis 5 Light Chandelier
Melis 5 Light Chandelier

Almandite chandelier

I came across this beautiful pendant light, which i would like to share with you.

Pendant pearl light
Pendant pearl light

Task lighting

Essentially, what this does is give you the light where you are needed,. A living room lamp arrangement generally includes table lamps, adjustable floor lamps, swing-arm lamps, and movable wall lights. 

task lighting

It is crucial to figure out how you intend to use a living room before you begin lighting it. Use it to aid you in reading, relaxing, and more. For many of us, that’s watching TV.

Lighting should not conflict with the light that comes from your television, otherwise, glare may interfere with your favorite show or hurt your eyes.

Lighting sources such as downlights pointing at the screen, table lamps without shades, and even windows can cause glare.

 Your TV and lighting should be positioned so there is no direct light on it.

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Figuring out how to use the space is the thumb rule in planning to light up the living room. Opt for task lighting, from reading to relaxing, and set up your lighting to help you along the way. Take a moment to think about what happens in your living room.

For many of us, that’s watching TV. Televisions give off light of their own, so it’s important that your lighting doesn’t conflict with this, causing a glare that interferes with your favorite show and hurts your eyes.

Glare can come from a variety of lighting sources like table lamps without shades, downlights pointing at the screen, and even windows. Be sure to position your lighting and your TV so no light shines directly toward the screen.

Check out these beautiful task lights:

Touch table lamps from amazon
Touch table lamps from amazon

Retro Style lamps on Amazon
Retro Style lamps on Amazon

Beautiful caged lamp from Amazon
Beautiful caged lamp from Amazon

Accent Lighting

Once you have selected the main lighting for the living room, accent lighting is next. You can use accent lighting to enhance any architectural feature or artwork in the room.

Accent lighting

In order to make a house a home, it’s important to add your own personal touch to everything you place in it.

 That’s what makes a house a home. In your personal spaces, the furnishings and decor items you choose add to the charm and comfort of your home.

There is no doubt that accent lighting is one of the most effective ways to bring your precious possessions to the forefront.

Therefore, accent lightings illuminate your favorite objects in a way that makes them stand out.

Accent lighting serves a number of purposes, such as providing a sense of aesthetic appeal and setting a relaxed mood, highlighting architectural features and important objects, as well as drawing attention away from less pleasing features.

This lighting is normally found in the living room in the form of picture lights, niche lamps, and lighting within cabinets of the cabinetry.

The light is perfect for areas or objects that need a little extra drama or character.

LED strip lights, picture lights, mirror lights, effect lighting, monorail lighting, Micro Grazers, recessed lighting, and up lighters are some of the accent lights commonly used in a living room. Personally, these are one of my favorites.

What are you using your living room for?

A few basic things to keep in mind when planning to install lights in a living room include floor lamps, table lamps, and corner lamps.

But, planning to install lights should be based on how your living room will be used.

 Let’s imagine 3 different activities you would spend your time doing in your living room.

Perhaps you would love to read sitting in your living room

 In the comfort of your living room, you’re cuddled up on the couch with a calming book in your hands, and sipping tea on the coffee table next to you. Unless you have adequate light in that case, you will just struggle to find a decent ray of light.

In that case, task lighting is the best call.

Directional and focused lighting can be created with task lighting. Dimmable lights can be adjusted to create an atmospheric, comfortable setting. floor lamps, sconces, table lamps, etc are the best choice in that case.

When it comes to reading, we recommend table lamps the most. A table lamp falls under both the task light and general lighting categories.

  It is possible to create a luster in a room by using different types of lighting. For perfect symmetry, use two similar table lamps.

Additional innovations are available in some lamp designs to suit your needs. Various directions of light can be focused with gooseneck table lamps. 

Small spaces are lit by tray lamps. For those with poor eyesight, magnifying lamps come with magnifiers that make things more visible. S

If you just want to enjoy watching tv there

if watching tv is one of the primary activities in your living room then we totally get you. Ambient lighting is the call for you. 

This includes recessed lighting, downlights, wall lights, track lights, table lamps, etc. You can watch tv without being distracted.

If you love to have a gala time with friends and family their

It’s important to integrate ambient and accent lighting if you love having friends over.  A social space works well with ambient lighting. 

A softened space can be created with recessed lighting, ceiling lights, and lights with frosted shades. You can create the perfect mood by dimming the lights in this room.

Your guests will be blown away by accent lighting. Whether you want a living room that instantly catches the eye with pendant lights or a grand chandelier, there’s no shortage of options.

The key is to layer your living room, no matter how you style it. Mix all 3 types of light to serve all your needs.

How to design a lighting layout?

Lighting your living room is the best choice because you know exactly how you will use it. Maybe you want it to look like a traditional living or a contemporary living room.

Lighting plans can be created by an interior designer, qualified electrician, or specialist lighting company after talking to you about your personal style, and choices,

Begin by creating a list. Include everything you will do in your living room. Be it partying, watching TV, or anything.

Once list 1 is ready. Begin with list 2. This list should include both functional and decorative features – in the room you want to highlight. It can be a particular painting or a textured wall.

Once you are sorted by these 2 lists, start with your planning. Plan the lighting you would need to tick each feature and activity you have mentioned in your lists.

Sketch a simple floor plan of the room and note where each type of lighting should be placed.


Where would a big table lamp be useful? As an alternative to ceiling lights, which walls need lights?

To ensure that understanding the layout becomes an easy job for you, decide to colour code. Colour code the different types of lighting.

 You can make your electrician’s job easier by choosing one color for wired lights and another for plugged lights, such as floor and table lamps.

The process of installing new lights and sockets will involve scraping plaster to hide the wires and will be dirty, so be careful.

You can place a lamp in the center of the room without having any unsightly wires showing by marking any sockets that need to be installed on the floor.


“Every room should incorporate eight different sources of lighting. It may sound a lot, but once you factor in all the different options available – from the ceiling and wall lights to floor and table lamps, plus more natural sources like candles and fireplaces – it’s a realistic target.”, Abigail Ahern one of leading interior designer was quoted saying.

Create an even background lighting layer with a large centralized ceiling light

You can adjust the mood of the space by combining dimmable task lights across the room, such as floor and table lamps. Highlight architectural and artwork features with accent lighting.

Choose downlights that can be angled toward joinery. If there’s a fireplace in a room, consider using uplights to make it a centerpiece, even when not in use. Objects on shelves may also benefit from LED strip lighting

Top 11 living room lighting trends 2022

Artisanal Lighting

Make a design statement with your living room lighting ideas; form meets function to deliver a visual impact.

Pendant light with multiple tiers

You don’t want to look overdone, right? Adding brass accents to the interior, such as a coffee table with a metal frame and metallic lighting, will help to update the décor.  If you have a small living room, this one will surely be a perfect example.

Sculptural Sconce

Make your living room walls stand out with sculptural sconces that double as artwork.

In a minimalist living room like this, it’s especially effective.

In medieval times, sconces were used to guide you up the stairs with your flaming torch. They are now some of the best living room lights.

Designers like Kelly Wearstler and Arteriors are two of our go-to’s for elegant and expressive creations.

Wall sconces by kelly
Wall sconces by kelly

wall sconces

Classic chandeliers, renewed

Designer-led lighting trends have evolved beyond functionality, adding: ‘Artful ceiling lights, which combine glass and color, are trending.

You can check out Margit Wittig‘s stunning work. Using colorful resin gems and glass shades, she achieves this brilliant effect.

Awesome ceiling lights

It is often said that “artful ceiling lights and thoughtfully placed lamps can transform a room into a cozy retreat where one can rest and recuperate during the winter months.”

It is true that ceiling lights can make a dramatic statement in a room, and they also provide a focal point with metallic details that will reflect and bounce the light around the room in spectacular ways.

Sculptural lighting

Martin Waller advised that sculptural table lamps with bold designs and innovative shapes can transform any lamp into a work of art, attracting attention even when it is not in use.

He further added that pairs of lamps can frame a large piece of furniture, such as a sofa or bed, or accentuate a beautiful sideboard or console table.

Layer your lighting

Adding layers to light refers to the interior designer’s trick. Adding texture to a room with lighting is a brilliant idea. A flat living room would have no lighting at all.

It is important to have at least three sources of lighting in your living room, even if it is on the smaller side.

Large and organic shapes

‘Oversized dominant pendant lights or chandeliers are very popular at the moment,’ says  Elliot Barratt of Elliot James Interiors. ‘Their grandeur is complemented by their fun element in the living room

Vintage-style lampshades in decorative design

We’re seeing a return of fringe and florals in living room lighting this year for maximalists.

Elliot Barratt confirms: ‘Decorative, vintage-feel lampshades are making a big comeback, using highly patterned fabrics, like Phillip Jeffries, House of Hackney and Mind The Gap.’

Silk pleated lamshade from House of Hackery
Silk pleated lamshade from House of Hackery

Add a brass base to your elaborately printed lampshade for an extra touch of glamour. Use a printed lampshade as a focal point or mix patterns for a lively look.

Paper Shade Pendant

In terms of statement lighting that is also stylish and elevated, rice paper shade pendants are among the most affordable options available when it comes to stunning statement lighting. Additionally, they give off a soft glow when they are lit.

Simple contemporary lighting

Consider replacing some of your options with more pared-back contemporary options if your lighting choices are getting out of control..

In contemporary finishes and materials like marble, brass, or matte black steel, you can find classic shapes like circles or slim rectangles.

Types of bulbs to choose from:

LED Bulbs

  • Emit a bright light
  • Don’t produce heat
  • energy efficient

Incandescent Bulbs

  • Cheapest
  • Not energy efficient

Compact fluorescent bulbs

  • Cheaper than LEDs
  • Long-lasting
  • Take a little time to get better
  • Most preferred for basements and garages.


  • Bright
  • Energy efficient
  • Very efficient for pendant lights and under cabinet lights
  • Not long lasting
  • Produce heat

How to control living room lighting?

You have to choose how would you like to operate your lighting. You can either choose to opt for switches or else get smart lighting.

It is important to be aware that if you choose to use traditional switches, you should not simply select the cheapest option. 

There is no doubt that screwless designs look modern and sleek, while metallic finishes are a wonderful way to blend your switches in with the rest of your decor. Switches impact your interior design, so choose them wisely. They should complement the colour scheme.

The switches should not only look good but also have a smooth touch and great quality.

In case you plan to install smart lighting, that is not a bad idea too. The electrician installs smart LED bulbs which can be controlled via app. You can also alter the brightness, and make it dim as per your choice and convenience.

Can you install living room lighting yourself?

A competent DIY-er should be more than capable of taking on a simple task such as replacing a light fitting or replacing a basic light switch with a more appealing option if the task simply involves replacing the existing light fixture.

 An electrician is the best person to call if you need anything more technical.

In case you are completely changing the lighting and redesigning your living room, then i would certainly request you to call for an expert team.

You can take quotes from different electricians and compare them. Don’t forget to speak to their previous customers. It is always better not to take risks.