Simple Guide to Moving Homes

Simple Guide to Moving Homes

Have you purchased a new home or moving out to a new rented property? 

Whatever be the case, moving your household items to another place is an extremely daunting and overwhelming task.

However, there are certain things like getting started early and staying organized that can help you get ahead in the process and also enjoy the new beginning of the new life. 

Of Course, you might think about how we know about these tips. Well, with our years of experience in conducting the house move, we now have many tactics in our sleeves to help you.

So sit back and get your hands on the favourite snack while you get access to some amazing tips in the housing moving guide. 

1. Get Rid off Extras

You should get rid of unnecessary and unused items from your home. The lesser things you want to transit, the lesser work you will have to perform in the upcoming stages like packing, loading, and uploading. 

We have seen that people make the mistake of not getting rid of things due to some emotional value attached to it.

No matter how dearly you like your first-ever microwave or that first cute coffee maker but the reality is you rarely put them into use now. Be harsh towards all your extra things as they can cost you big in the overall budget. 

2. Start sorting out based on categories

So what would you rather prefer- taking out a complete day and just finish the bedroom or spend an afternoon to sort the wardrobe? The smarter way is to sort by the later way and then sort them based on type.

  • Donate the ones that you think are in good condition and you don’t need it anymore.
  • Sell the items that you no longer need and can get some money for them.

3. The Search begins Now

Even if research is no fun, never keep shifting the task for some other day. Having a good moving company by your side can create a lot of difference in making your move seamless.

The more you invest in finding a moving company the excellent services you get on your moving day. Each company has its own terms and rules. It also depends on where are you moving from. For instance, Careful Hands Sydney handles your Sydney removals with the utmost care at an affordable cost. Similarly, some other removalists may be pioneers in that particular location. You must keep all this in mind.

Some of the important things that you should ask them are:

  • List of services
  • Additional services and charge
  • Damage and refund policies

4. Pick the Moving Day Wisely

It’s a smart idea to hire your movers a month before so that you can plan things accordingly. Moreover consulting moving companies beforehand also helps you get your desired date.

In case you have a flexible schedule, ask them for a date that is the cheapest time of the month of appointment. 

Here’s let’s give you an idea, they are busiest on the weekend as people usually prefer shifting on Saturday and Sunday. So to grab a good deal you might want to move on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

5. Check-out the best route for your new home

You don’t want to en route to your new home and then figure out a way on how to reach the destination or type the address on your GPS at the last moment.

It’s better that you come prepared and perform some research on the easiest and efficient way in advance. Also, you should look for any highway construction, busy roads, and plan the detours and halts accordingly. 

6. Master Moving to-do list

Of Course, moving to a new place means having 500 tasks. Sometimes you can miss important reminders that might look obvious in the beginning but can easily slip from your mind in the stress of the moving process.

A great way is to make a note on your app or notepad. There are a number of apps that can help you stay organized or visit the local stationery shop to get a notepad. 

Remember to put down slightest of the details as nothing is insignificant to not have written on your notepad or app when moving. 

7. Use Calendar to keep track of tasks

If you like, you can plan and organize your move even better by mapping every detail in the calendar. Just get an oversized calendar and write the important to-do on it so you can prepare yourself every morning for the tasks. For examples, set your task in this manner:

  • Monday: Get moving boxes
  • Tuesday: Sort Through Kitchen 

8. Start Gathering Quality Boxes

You can go to your nearby liquor shop and get some used boxes to recycle them for your move. Don’t forget to check the boxes for any defect as you don’t want your items to be broken in the way.

The better way is to keep your items like towels and linens in such boxes so even if the box gets ripped accidentally, you can have your items safe. 

9. Try to get the original boxes

You don’t want to take risks with your fragile pieces of technologies like the fridge and TV. so, it’s better if you transport your electronics in the boxes in which they arrived when you purchased them.

Check if you have kept the boxes in the garage or attic. In case you can’t find them then ask your friends to lend them yours to ensure the items are cushioned in a proper way. 

If you are keeping your fragile technological pieces in a moving box then wrap them carefully with quilted blankets, sturdy tape, and bubble wraps.

Also, follow the same instructions with other delicate items that you own. 

10. A Little Extra never hurts anyone

You should always have extra items when visiting the hardware shop. Get your hands on some extra bulbs and extension cords, you never know what item you may need while moving. 

11. Schedule disconnect time and Date

We are sure that you don’t want to pay bills for service that you didn’t take. To avoid such scenarios, you should call your internet, electricity, gas, and cable providers in advance to ask them to shut down your service or re-connect their services at the new place.

So, you pay for things that you use. If they don’t deliver services in the new place then look for a new service provider as you don’t want to run out of basic amenities on the first day at the new place. 

12. Call for favours in advance 

If you are thinking of taking some help from your friends and family, ask them beforehand, maybe a month before. Also, find a babysitter weeks ago and give them all the details, so everyone can be on the same page. 

13. Label Everything

You may get tired of the whole packing process and might feel like skipping to label the packing boxes.

But remember when stacking these boxes, labelling will help you ensure what each box contains so you can take precautionary measures accordingly.

Also, if possible label your boxes on the basis of the room so you can fasten the unloading process. 

14. Don’t forget an essential bag

Most likely you wouldn’t want to begin the unpacking service as soon as you reach the new place. So bring whatever you think will make you feel settled and relaxed at the new place.

You should pack a separate bag for every member to avoid any confusion or last-minute hassle. 

Your essential bag should ideally carry: 

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Laptop
  • Bottle
  • Brush 

This list will help you survive the day. 

15. Stop your grocery shopping

Nobody likes throwing fresh food away, but you can’t avoid the scenario if you don’t stop purchasing a week before your moving is scheduled.

Try to use the food available at home and if you are still left with some access food then invite your friends for lunch or dinner. 

The tips discussed above have helped many of our clients to stay organized while moving.

They have absolutely loved them as these tips not only kept them streamline but also made the process less hectic.

Which tip did you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comment section below.