Cost to Transport a Car From Melbourne to Brisbane

Cost to Transport a Car From Melbourne to Brisbane

Finding a car interstate company that can offer you affordable car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane is not easy. Once you begin searching for possible car transport companies, you will get a little overwhelmed.

The car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane depends on various factors.

Car transportation companies charge around 40 to 60 cents per kilometer for transporting the vehicle, so on average, the cost of car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane ranges between $653 to $1068. Online site offers competitive quotes for specific transport legs.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Car Transport from Melbourne to Brisbane?

The price is calculated on various factors, including the vehicle’s condition, market price, size of the car, open car carriers or closed carriers, and safe and timely delivery at the destination.

So, for better understanding, let’s check out these factors.

1.     Speed of delivery

The price of interstate car transport services is dependent upon the speed of delivery. You need to pay more for express delivery as the car transport company will make special requirements for vehicle transport. But the price usually drops if you are happy to wait during the transit days.

2.     Whether the car is operational

If your car is not operational, the car transport company will use special equipment to relocate your vehicle on and off the car-carrying trailer. But you can save some money if the car is in working condition.

3.     Fuel price

fuel price

The price of petrol at the transport times is also an essential factor which affects the cost of transportation. Petrol prices normally fluctuate as per global market events. You can check the same on the internet or newspaper, and according to that, you can decide to transport your car from Melbourne to Brisbane.

4.     Type of delivery

You need to pay more to enjoy more convenient vehicle transport services and your final cost can vary depending on distances. For example, if you need the company to transport the car from your pickup location to the exact delivery location, then it will cost more. But if you choose to pick up your car from the nearest depot, you need to pay somewhat less.

However, it would be best to remember that the delivery to the nearest depot can result in storage fees if you do not pick up the car immediately from the delivery location. So, it is an essential factor to consider in this COVID situation.

If your destination has coronavirus restrictions, you should choose door-to-door delivery as it will cost you less.

5.     Transportation distance

The distance also fluctuates the price of the car transport. . With the increase in distance, the cost of transport will also increase. But this is not always linear as you may think. Most of the time, the cost per kilometer also comes down with the distance. Car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane spans 1374km, generally resulting in lower costs. Conversely, car transport from Melbourne to Perth, spanning 2721km, significantly increases overall expenses. As distance rises, so does transport cost. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for informed decisions. Whether to Brisbane or Perth, factor in distance for a smoother transport process.

6.     Whether you opt for protection

Most Australian residents choose to ship their car in an enclosed vehicle to shield it from outer elements. Also, in an enclosed transport trailer, the car will remain in decent condition, especially if you own a vehicle of high amount.

But, it results in increased transportation costs. But here also, size plays a significant role. If the vehicle size is small, the cost will be low, and if it is large and heavy, it will cost you more.

7.     The vehicle which you are shipping

You need to pay more if you own a large, heavy vehicle like an SUV, campervan, van, or commercial vehicle. The cost of car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane will also rise if you have made any changes in your vehicle, like the size of the types, suspension, etc. It also depends on the make and model of your vehicles. It is because the less space your car will occupy on the transport vehicle, the more vehicles it can carry, and the lesser will be the cost for you.

What’s the Cost of Car Transport from Melbourne to Brisbane?

Now that we’ve seen the various factors related to car transport from Melbourne to Brisbane, it’s quite clear that your process for price discovery varies based on pick-up and drop-off locations and the transport duration.

However, to give you a better idea, we’ve established an average cost of car transportation services from Melbourne to Brisbane. For cars of smaller sizes and short distances, your cost of car transport can start from $600. And for bigger cars and longer distances, it can be around $2000 or more.

So make sure to contact multiple company carriers to get quotes to compare and choose the best company offering vehicle transport services.

How to search cheapest car transport service?

Considering the above factors, you can easily find the most affordable service for car transport Melbourne to Brisbane. Here are a few ways to help you make the process much easier and find the right option for you.

1.     Read reviews

read reviews

Reading reviews is the best way to select the Brisbane car transport company. Always take time to read the reviews on the company website and other social media platforms. Make sure to read negative reviews and then only choose the best company for vehicle transportation. Along with reviews, you can check competitive quotes, faster response and good communication of the company.

2.     Do not always go for the cheapest service

Cheapest service always attracts customers, but it is not always true that the car transport company offering the cheap service will also provide an excellent experience. Before booking any deal, you should ensure that the company you are considering provides the same service you are looking for.

Never consider the company that provides low-quality service as this may cause harm to your car during transit. Always compare a few quotes but make sure to check the customer service excellence of the company. Never accept instant quotes from the company, do a proper negotiation, and then only book for the service.

3.     Car transport quote comparison

Never randomly select from the first set of car transport companies you see on the internet. Always compare three to four companies based on the factors discussed above. Check out their services, terms and conditions, facilities, and other features.

You can easily reach out to the customer service team of the car transport companies you’ve chosen to get an instant quote. This will be a close estimate of how much it will cost you. When you’re asking for a quote, give the right make, model, and other details of your car as well as the distance to get a better estimate.
Based on the quote and the services offered, you can compare and choose a vehicle transport company of your choice.

4.     Get clear on the needs

Before beginning your search, always check your priorities and best-case scenarios. You must check the multiple Brisbane vehicle transport quotes if you need timely delivery and fully insured service. Check if there is something that you can compromise to save a few dollars. It will help you to search for a car transport company in Australia in the right direction.

Most companies have a similar car transport process, but it’s always best to get all the information you need for any interstate car transport. Ask about the booking process and what happens next along with any additional costs that may be levied. This will help you get ahead of the vehicle transport estimates and choose the right one.

Wrap Up

You can understand that the cost of car transportation from Melbourne to Brisbane can vary enormously depending on different factors. Check out these factors properly and make sure that Brisbane car transport Melbourne provides safe ad timely delivery.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How long does it take to transport my car from Melbourne to Brisbane?

A1. The car transport duration from Melbourne to Brisbane can vary depending on the distance-specific transport legs as well as the company you choose to work with.

Typically, car transportation can take anywhere between 3 days to a week. You can ask the specific vehicle transportation company for more details.

Q2. How can I choose between open or enclosed car transport?

A2. Enclosed car transportation costs more than the open ones. However, enclosed transport is preferred for long-distance moves to prevent dust collection and for transporting luxury cars.

But if you want quicker transportation, then you can go for open car ones since it gets delivered faster than enclosed car transport. So based on these factors, you can choose between open and enclosed vehicle transport.

Q3. Can I transport my car on a train from Melbourne to Brisbane instead of a truck?

A3. Yes, you can go for train transportation instead of a truck for your move from Melbourne to Brisbane. Make sure to discuss these details with the company you pick before you finalize them.

Q4. Will my car transport be covered by insurance?

A4. Most companies include transit insurance for your cars, for which the coverage begins the moment they arrive to pick up your car until the time they drop it off. You can inquire about the insurance coverage before you hire a company.

Q5. How can I obtain car transport quotes from Melbourne to Brisbane?

A5. The best way to get a quote is to directly use the online contact form or free quote form available on the websites. This way, you’ll get instant quotes without talking to anyone.

Alternatively, if you have doubts and would prefer to talk to a customer service person, then you can directly call the company to get all the details, including a customized quote for your car transport Melbourne to Brisbane.

Easing Your Process for Car Transport from Melbourne to Brisbane

You can understand that the cost of car transportation from Melbourne to Brisbane can vary enormously depending on different factors. Check out these factors properly and make sure that Brisbane car transport Melbourne provides safe and timely delivery.

Always keep in mind to get various quotes and inquire about the actual car transport process to choose the best company. Get all your doubts cleared in the initial consultation call to make sure that you can rest assured when they’re transporting your car.