5 Resources to Teach Your Kids Coding

The world has now become more and more digital, and computer science jobs are also increasing at a rapid rate. Logical reasoning and problem-solving skills need computer programming along with the ability to think algorithmically and critically. It also offers a strong foundation for a successful career. 

It is not surprising that kids have shown a keen interest in learning coding at an early stage. Also, parents are also getting their kids to learn to code so that they can gain maximum coding knowledge right from an early stage.  Coding is linked to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), as it serves as a practical application of these subjects, enabling problem-solving, critical thinking, and innovation in the digital age. 

This has resulted in the development of various exciting and new tools as well as programs like raspberry pi zero 2 w Australia

5 Best coding resources for kids 

We append below the top 5 best coding resources for kids that can develop their skills along with the necessary information: 

1.     Scratch Junior 

Recommended age – 5 years to 7 years 

Skills learned – General problem-solving, programming, and interacting with a graphical interface 

Type of resource – Android tablet app and iOS 

Necessary coding experience – None 

The app allows kids to make their own stories, play games, and solve problems. Part code and part graphical, kids can use the app to blend code blocks with the on-screen elements and make their avatar jump, move, sing and dance. Children can also insert their own photographs and sounds and use a paint editor to customize their characters. Every feature in this app is appropriately developed for kids to boost their interpersonal, social, and emotional development.   

2.     Scratch 

Recommended age – 8 years to 16 years 

Skills learned – Collaboration, systematic reasoning, animation, and programming 

Type of resource – Android app, iOS, and Website 

Necessary coding experience – None 

The MIT media lab develops this wonder coding resource for kids. It is a kids-friendly coding resource that has a vast online community where children can make codes, share stories, and can also animate their creations. While using this app, children can snap coding blocks together to create compelling visual stories. 

This app is also designed to boost the child’s creative thinking and encourage their collaborative work. Kids can also do offline work on Scratch if they do not have an internet connection, just download the app, and you are good to go.   

3.     Minecraft 

Recommended age – 7 years and above 

Skills learned – Best coding practices and programming 

Type of resource – Web browser game 

Necessary coding experience – None 

Minecraft is not only a video game but also a great learning experience. This fantastic application encompasses several hours of code tutorials, allowing children to customize the in-game experience. 

With this game, kids can create an interactive story-based game sessions, interior-designed homes, adventuring games, and aquatic voyages. Every project in Minecraft comes with a video-based lesson plan, certified teacher training, and a computer science curriculum. 

Also, if you do not have an internet connection, you can download the offline version and get a starter. 

4.     Raspberry Kit 

Recommended age – 3 years and above 

Skills learned – Coding, illustration, animation, and storytelling 

Necessary coding experience – None 

Raspberry kits offer easy-to-use tools which children to make simple programs, drawings, and animations. This excellent game also has fundamental programming principles that kids can learn quickly, and with their easy-to-understand code blocks, kids can learn coding skills properly. 

Kids can work on both visual and verbal storytelling skills by making a story art built on a general theme along with app–prompted questions. 

Once the kids have completed the code, they can share their stories and drawings anonymously. The android and iOS apps are perfect for children who want to dive into programming and animation. Every pre-programmed code block in this app offers a particular briefing, permitting kids to understand the underlying programming principles. 

5.     CodeCombat 

Recommended age – 10 years and above 

Skills learned – Critical thinking, coding fundamentals, Python, JavaScript 

Type of resource – Web browser game 

Necessary coding experience – None 

It is the most exciting way to learn to code. This resource is recommended for kids who are new to coding. This adventure-based game lets kids to master the real magic of programming. 

In CodeCombat, children make full-fledged JavaScript and Python programs as they navigate the world and apply creativity, trial, error, and critical thinking to the challenges they face. 

The game is solely designed to make it easy for kids to make an independent game and a website after completion. 

Mentors can also personalize instruction by selecting the built-in assessments which measure the kid’s retention of core concepts. In addition to it, kids can also tackle practice lessons and also activate hints as soon as they are stuck. 

 Wrap Up 

These days a significant portion of our lives is involved in online activities. For good or bad, computer programming underpins every facet of daily life, i.e., from our society to our work communications. 

So, what better than to make your kids jump-start a new hobby – coding? 

Raspberry is a great resource to teach your kids coding in an exciting way. You just need a keyboard, and mouse for connecting it. Also, this kit is very cost-effective and you can easily get it for your child’s better future.