How to Move a Fridge?

How to Move a Fridge?

Don’t we all love saving money?

Moving a fridge on your own helps you save money.

The only science behind this is to move the right way.

A fridge is a large and costly piece of equipment to move.

It is completely okay to leave for professionals to move the fridge, but if you want to save some money, then here’s your guide for the right technique.

Things you need

  • Patience
  • Time
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Appliance dolly with straps
  • Rope
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cushioning stuff
  • Men for labour work, at least 2

Step by Step process

1. Empty the refrigerator and defrost it

Begin from the first that is cleaning defrosting. Thoroughly empty the fridge. Please make ice arrangements to store your food properly, so it doesn’t spoil in the duration while moving. Remember, the fridge will take time to cool down once it is moved to the new location.

Preplan your move. Eat all the perishables before your movement. Preparing your meals will reduce the last-minute grocery shop stress and hassles.

You can use a solution of baking soda and water to clean your fridge properly. Defrost it completely using a hairdryer and clean the water.

Please turn off your fridge a few hours before cleaning and defrosting it.

Thumb Rule: Add activated charcoal inside the fridge to prevent bad smell.

2. Disconnection

Read your user manual to disconnect your fridge, especially the ice maker and water filter. Removalists do not help you disconnect your fridge.

Once disconnected, roll up the wire and tape it behind the fridge for safety. Secure the doors by closing them using ropes. Don’t lose any screw or piece. Keep them all together in a bag.
Use the moving blanket to wrap the fridge externally. Use bubble wraps and some cushioning to keep it safe.

Take off the drawers and glass shelves from the fridge. Bubble wrap them properly and tape them.

3. Create a moving plan

For the right moving plan, you must measure the fridge and doorways. If the measurement is accurate, it’s an easy task. If not, you will have to remove the door in your home and fridge to widen the passage and narrow the fridge.

For accurate measurement begin by, writing down the height, depth and width of the fridge using a measuring tape. Followed by measurement of your doorways and hallways.

Strategise a plan to pass the fridge through every doorway.

Since you are sorted with your strategy in advance, you can plan which doorway you need to remove.

Remove all furniture out of the way. Keep your passage clean for smooth movement.

4. Slide the Fridge out

Some fridge are on wheels whereas some aren’t. In case your fridge doest have wheels, attach the wheel holder below your fridge. In case your fridge has wheels on front, bend the fridge little forward and place sliders underneath the back. But if the fridge has no wheels, then repeating the same process is bending the fridge backward.

Then stand on the front-facing the fridge, hold both sides and push it from side to side guiding it forward. For your safety, ensure to bend your knees with your back straight.

To load the fridge on appliance dolly, tell one person to lift the fridge whereas another person can slide in the dolly beneath the side of the fridge. Tighten the dolly straps, so the fridge stays at one place while your journey to a new location.

5. Carefully and slowly move the fridge

Once you are sure that both the top and bottom of the fridge are rightly set on the wheeled platform, tilt the fridge a little backwards, less than an angle of 45 degrees.

If at any time you feel you need rest, don’t hassle and leave the dolly. Handle it with care. Slowly put it down with someone’s guidance.

6. Excessive safety measures going downstairs

While one individual aids the fridge with the dolly, another ought to be beneath the stairs, helping guide the cart down the means each in turn. Don’t push down the steps. Pull the cart backwards toward you while keeping the fridge inclined. The individual at the base should ensure the cooler consistently stays situated rearward of the cart and doesn’t extend forward.

7. Loading the Fridge

With the help of a plank, transfer the fridge into the relocating vehicle. It is always better to use a platform or plank rather than lifting and loading.

8. Preventive measures

Laying your fridge on the sides can cause damage. Use additional straps to secure the fridge at one position tightly. Try keeping the fridge at dolly rather than securing it again once you reach your destination.

9. Final Destination

Once you reach your final destination, don’t hurry up and plug in your fridge. Please give it a rest of a few hours before restarting it.

Incase for some uncertain reasons, you had to keep the fridge on its side while travelling, ensuring that you keep it upright for double the time it was on its side before switching it back. When you restart your fridge, wait for about 24-72 hours before putting your food in it. This is the usual time suggested by the manual.

Rule to Remember

Try keeping the doors of your fridge open before plugging it back in. It will eradicate any foul smell.

Try correctly keeping your fridge while relocating.

Balance the weight on appliance platform to avoid any damage.

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